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The Jewish Community Olomouc is in charge of the religious and cultural life of its members and looks after their social needs. Its activity covers the districts of Bruntál, Jeseník, Olomouc, Přerov and Šumperk, where it takes care of cultural and religious monuments (synagogues, cemeteries, museums, memorials etc.), unless they are in the care of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic. The Jewish Community supports the education of its congregation in Jewish traditions and contributes to the general knowledge of judaism and Jewish history, especially among young people.
It takes a firm stand against all manifestations of anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, Nazism, Fascism, any discrimination, and it protects the memory of Jewish victims. It can support and take part in activities of other organizations and institutions. In 2012 the community had 154 members.

Religious life of the community
The principle components of the religious life of the Jewish Community Olomouc are regular Shabbat services, celebrations of all Jewish feasts, in particular the high feasts, which are well attended. The service is conducted by the cantor, the chairman of the community or the visiting rabbi. The service in the prayer-house is followed by a common meal.
Food is prepared in a kosher kitchen according to traditional rules and recommendations of the High Rabbi. Besides Shabbat mid-day and evening meals, food is prepared there for various festivities. The kosher kitchen can be used by guests as well.
During the Sukkoth festival, the pergola in the courtyard serves as a sukkah.
Another important place in religious life is the Jewish cemetery in Olomouc – Neředín. Here Jewish funerals take place and the community meets there on commemorating occasions and jahrzeits.

Social life of the community
Openness is a distinct feature of the Jewish Community Olomouc. The leadership maintains individual contacts with its members, even with those who for various reasons cannot participate in the community life. The leaders regularly meet the members at annual assemblies and on other occasions. The members can come forward with their problems and demands to the office in office hours or they can arrange for an appointment outside the schedule.
The medium for information and culture in the community is the monthly Chajejn – Our Life, which covers the events of the past month and brings articles on the present or past life of the Jewish community in the Olomouc region. It notifies the readers of the forthcoming events in the community. An important part of the editorial work is the tracking of the lives of the survivors or the victims of the Holocaust. Information is also available for community members and visitors on web sides, the arrangement and contents of which is continuously being updated.
The Jewish Community Olomouc organizes trips, lectures, cultural events for their members, it invites distinguished guests. It cooperates with the Centre of Judaistic studies of the Philosophical Faculty, Palacký University.
The community life is complemented by the programmes of the Ladies’ Club and the Gentlemen’s Club in the community.

Social-assistance programme
The social-assistance department of the Jewish Community provides elementary and professional counselling for first and second generation clients. It wants to aid those community members who found themselves in permanent or temporary difficulties and enable them to stay, in spite of their handicap, in the place to which they are used.
An important part of the work of this department is prevention of social exclusion of members threatened when they respect Jewish traditions. Among the services provided are e.g. support for hospitalization, active assistance in visits to the authorities or to the doctor’s, getting a place in a retired people’s home, activation of clients, their transportation to events held by the Jewish Community Olomouc, visits of clients unable to take an active part in the community life, etc.
The social-assistance department organizes communal or individual cures in spas and health resorts as well as out-patient treatment there.
The social programme is financed from grants from the Claims Conference and the Foundation for the Victims of Holocaust.

Relations to the public
The Jewish Community Olomouc also participates in the public life of the town and makes the Olomouc citizens aware of the community. It maintains and develops contacts with Jews scattered all over the world, who have their roots in Olomouc or at least have a relation to it.
Among the joint activities of the community, the town, and the region of Olomouc is the setting in the pavement of the Blocks for Those Who Disappeared, the Stolpersteine.
The community cooperates with the Theatre of Music during the annual festival Days of the Jewish Culture Olomouc.
Together with its American partners, the town of Tršice and the Olomouc Region, the Jewish Community Olomouc has erected two memorials commemorating both the Wolf family, who during the occupation were hiding in the Tršice woods, and the residents of Tršice who protected the family. The implementation of this project took six years and was followed by the promotion of the Diary of Otto Wolf and by lectures given at schools.
Also, to schools are invited the Holocaust survivors and other community members who have something vital to say to the young people.
The Open Day of the Jewish Community Olomouc is becoming a tradition. Visitors can inspect the community center and learn about anything they are interested in.
Close cooperation is also being developed with the section of tourism at the municipal council.

The Database Project
A major long-term project of the Jewish Community Olomouc is the development of the digital database of Jewish citizens residing in Olomouc before the Second World War.
Its need is due to the frequent inquiries about one’s ancestors, which keep coming especially since 2000 from the whole world, as well as to the necessity of identifying exactly the residencies of the Holocaust victims, for whom the Stolpersteine are set outside their house. The goal of the project is a complete database of all Jews living in Olomouc before the Second World War.